The main motive of dance is joy. Dance promotes fitness for a lifetime. It helps in building a child’s confidence and self esteem. It creates a healthy environment in which students express their feelings in a productive manner, while learning to control their emotions. Dance is basically a conversation between body and soul Students not only gain and expand their physical flexibility, but they also learn mentally to control their energy and bodies in their full range of motions.
– Dancing develops neuro muscles which helps in further developing cognitive skills.
– Dancing improves listening skills in children and it also develops confidence of the children. Dancing develops neuro muscles which helps in further developing cognitive skills.


Music is an integral part of human life. It is a wonderful way to address the many needs of children because music is nonjudgmental. It helps to encourage the ability of a child to listen and thus helps him to concentrate. Through music, children learn to hear, tempos, dynamics and melodies. Listening for loud and soft, up and down, fast and slow encourages auditory development in the brain. Music and movement go together. Children naturally respond to music by moving and being active. It helps children learn about rhythm and develop motor. It relieves stress.Singing together creates a feeling of safety and makes learning in a classroom much easier. It encourages creativity in children. Moreover music also assists to develop a child’s language skills. – Children learn new words and expressions with the help of music. – Children, especially small children, really like music. They relate to it as entertainment and learn so many things like rhymes,songs etc.


Sports Is An Area Where Every Child Grows Physically And Intellectually.

Games and sports is an essential part of the curriculum of our school. Sports foster friendship and teamwork. If children participate regularly in games and sports, misdirection of youthful vigour is much less and the tendency to indulge in indiscipline and mischief is curbed. Games and sports are as vital for the physical development of a child as education is for intellectual growth. Sports help us in developing our personality. It is in the playground that we learn certain qualities such as leadership discipline team spirit and healthy competition.


  • State of the art skating rink.
  • Table tennis and Taekwondo academy.
  • Indoor and Out door games.
  • Badminton
  • Scientific play pen.
  • Basket Ball


Art And Craft Develops Fine Motor Skills.

1. It is a motivational tool which helps a child to unlock a deeper understanding of their education.

2. It helps in learning process and also develops their fine motor skills.

3. Art and craft influence feelings and emotions hence our tiny toddlers are surrounded by art and craft .

4. They draw and create on their own.

5. Our students try their hands at making cards,masks,toys,decorations,musical

instruments out of odds and ends.

6. They even make periscope from household stuff.

7. With the help of art and craft we try to teach the students about the colours, nature, shapes and many creative things.

8. We believe that through art and craft we can lead students on a path of progress towards realism and representation.