About SMD Little Champ

The SMD Little Champ, founded in 2013, is an independent elementary school serving the need of the surrounding communities for affordable and progressive education.

At SMD Little Champ…

  • Children are actively engaged in their world through critical thinking and open-ended investigations.
  • Talented teachers provide honed expertise and consistent, thoughtful guidance.
  • Parents are important contributors to the school environment.


The result: SMD students’ intellectual curiosity, educational capabilities, and emotional development flourish in a vibrant learning environment that fosters each student’s understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world.


Teachers,I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth. Teachers play a decisive role in moulding a child’s personality. We at SMD (SMART MINDS DESTINATION) teach from the heart not from the books. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. All the teachers at SMD are caring, kind, loving, inspiring and motivating and they teach with full dedication and sincerity. We allow our students to be inquisitive and curious in the class. We set clear expectations, provide explicit directions, and keep the learning well structured and productive. Our teachers support the curriculum by asking open ended questions and preparing the students to convert to real world practices.Our constant endeavour is to show right direction to each child while also helping him in taking the right step – a step which helps him not only in academic but also makes him a complete human being who is ready to face all the challenges of life boldly.
Our school is managed by highly qualified experienced and dedicated team under the stewardship of dynamic Principal Ms. Deepika who has the experience of more than 25 years in the teaching profession.


Mr. Naresh Gupta


The most searing remarks that a parent or teacher can inflict on a child is to tell him, “You won’t amount to anything in life!” This is imprisoning the child with fear of failure. Look around and you will see that the world is largely ruled by the mediocre! The so-called brilliant students are struck up in the nitty-gritty of the profession they take up. According to us each child is talented and intelligent. Each child has a lot of potential. Everyone should be encouraged to compete with himself or herself only. But no system can succeed unless it is supported by and carried forward by parents, because the home is the child’s first school, his first classroom and his first play ground. Parents are his first teachers. It is therefore, extremely important for the home and the school, the parent and the teacher, to join hands and provide, meaningful education, to the child. Patience, understanding and kindness are constantly required to nurture young minds and personalities. Going hand in hand with parents, we share the experience of, bringing out the best, in a child, by accepting him, for what he is, motivating him, for what he feels, and supporting him, for what he wants to be! We at SMD- Smart Minds Destination are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education! We strive to make the academic progress a hall mark and at the same time remain committed to give to the world the citizens of tomorrow with their traditional values intact and their aspirations enhanced.


Ms. Deepika
Principal – SMD Little Champ Smart School